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Access a wide variety of fitness classes and studios across numerous locations and decide which ones suit you best. If you like them all, build your very own customised workout. A FlexiPass is all it takes!

How it works

Discover studios near you that offer the classes ranging from Gyms, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates and much more.


Book your desired class through FlexiPass site.


Walk in to the selected Fitness centre, show your unique registration code and enjoy your workout.


Out on a business trip or holidaying away from home? Minimize the distance and maximize your workout by finding fitness centers/studios closest to you.

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Boost your workout routine

If you are tired of the same old routine, shake things up by choosing from a wide range of activities covering Yoga, Crossfit, Zumba, Pilates and many more or discover what some of the top gyms in your area have to offer.


We are committed towards providing a great experience for you, so we ensure that you know exactly what you'll get when you become a member.

How many classes can I attend ?

We want you to mix it up as much as you can. So why not explore a different studio every time or if you really like one, do up to 3 classes in that studio/ fitness centre per month.

What about different locations of the same studio brand?

The more the merrier! Take up to 3 classes in each location every month, discover like-minded people and get fit together. We have partnerships with many fitness centres to satisfy your workout needs.

How do I choose which class to go to?

Listen to your mind and body. Analyse where you will see more benefits or have more fun at and book a class with a click. Do ensure you book as early as possible.

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