What is FlexiPass?

FlexiPass is a cool new approach to fitness in the form of monthly membership plans which enable you to attend a wide variety of fitness classes such as cross fit sessions, circuit training, spinning classes, yoga sessions, Zumba workouts, Pilates exercises and much more across the best gyms and studios in your city.

How long is the FlexiPass Membership cycle?

We intend to have plans to suit your needs but our most basic one is a one month membership plan. So if you have purchased the pass on June 20 then you can enjoy access to classes till July 19 unless you renew the membership.

When does my FlexiPass start?

It is a monthly membership starting automatically from the date of purchase. So what are you waiting for? Sign up at www.myflexipass.com

What are the acceptable 'modes of payments' to purchase FlexiPass?

FlexiPass can only be purchased on our website using a debit/credit card through our secure payment gateway. We ensure maximum security for all your transactions on our website. We do not sell FlexiPass through any other channels right now. But first, register yourself at www.myflexipass,com

Okay. So I have made up my mind to get fit. How do I purchase FlexiPass?

Follow these 5 steps to purchase your Flexi Pass:

  1. Log on to www.myflexipass.com
  2. Add your email id and click on 'Get Fit' or click on the Login button on top
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you can sign up using your Facebook account or your email ID and a few basic details
  4. Once you successfully log in, you will be directed to our secure payment gateway where you can purchase your FlexiPass by following the instructions on screen
  5. Once you have purchased your FlexiPass you will receive an email which will contain your Membership ID and other details of your Flexi Pass. You may now proceed to book your fitness classes.

How do I book my class?

Follow these basic steps to successfully book your class:

  1. Log on to our website (www.myflexipass.com)
  2. Log into My Account using your id and password
  3. Search for your desired classes by typing in your location
  4. Click "BOOK" on the studio and class of your choice
  5. Once you do so, you will receive a unique reservation code through email and SMS. We request you to confirm this unique reservation code at the partnering studio when you go for your booked class.

Can I make a last minute booking?

While we would encourage you to book sooner, we understand that there are times when your schedules are too tight and you decide on attending a class very late. If there is time enough before the start of the class (we recommend a 2 hour window) and the slot's open, go for it.

If I am not able to go, can someone else take my place with my Flexi Pass?

FlexiPass is non-transferable. You will need to show some ID proof at the partnering studio to confirm your identity. We want to make your experience secure and comfortable.

What is the class cancellation policy?

If you finally do find an excuse to miss your class, you can cancel it up to 2 hours prior to the scheduled class time. If you are unable to do so, your class will be counted towards your membership and will be deducted from the maximum (3) number of classes you can attend at that fitness studio in the current membership cycle of the month.

Do I have to give ratings/feedback to any class? And why?

There is always scope for improvement. We at FlexiPass want to give you the best fitness experience so that you can achieve greater results. Any feedback ensures our partners design a wholesome experience for you to reach your fitness goals.

Where can I reach you?

You can mail us at any time at support@myflexipass.com or call us on 9891757075 (9AM to 6PM Mon-Fri)